It's Simple... TRUST!

Since 1981, the oldest firm in Nashville, with well over 100 years of experience in all types of litigation, has built its reputation on TRUST. It’s easy to see why, with many of the same clients over that time span. We’ve had many referrals over the years, not only from clients here in Tennessee, but from previous out-of-town clients who also have used us. Why? Because they TRUST us!

The job of a court reporting firm is simple: Make the attorney’s job as seamless as possible on any deposition or hearing. When you call Beres & Associates, you can be assured that your transcripts will be delivered on time, when promised, along with any additional services requested.

Need REALTIME transcription but always having issues connecting laptops between the attorney and reporter? Not a problem! You don’t even need a laptop. Just use our PC or iPad for all your needs at the deposition or hearing, and when the job is finished, take the transcript with you on a thumb drive (with PCs) or have the transcript e-mailed to you from the iPad.  No more lugging any computers around.

It's Simple... TRUST!

Tired of calling reporting firms to explain billings and never getting an answer? As an Ethics First Firm of the National Court Reporters Association, that’s never a problem. Our fees are the same – no “cost shifting”, no “hidden fees”, no “up-charges”, no “administrative fees”, no “handling fees” – whether the client is from Des Moines, Iowa, New York City or Nashville, Tennessee. Why be assessed “cost shifting” charges from a court reporting firm so as to make up the difference? Use an Ethics First Firm.

It's Simple... TRUST!

Maybe that’s one of the many reasons why law firms, both in town and out of town, keep calling us for all their court reporting needs time and time again. So if you’re in need of a court reporting firm at anytime in the future in Nashville, the State of Tennessee or, for that matter, anywhere in the world, please consider giving us a call and let us handle all of your court reporting needs.


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