Are you using state-of-the art technology in all your discovery or trial testimony to YOUR ADVANTAGE with realtime transcription, along with the money-saving advantage of streaming depositions via the Internet to any expert, party or co-counsel???

Beres & Associates wants to help you take and gain the ADVANTAGE in all of your discovery and trial litigation not one time, but every time with total accessibility to realtime and streaming technology.

Tired of getting transcripts in the regular “10” business days or weeks or, for that matter, a month, if not longer? Realtime and streaming technology allows instant access to the written word proceedings, when used in conjunction with realtime legal software, which is displayed on a laptop or iPad. 

Using realtime technology gives you the opportunity to review testimony immediately; searching, highlighting and tagging portions or words of the testimony as the proceedings progress, giving you the competitive ADVANTAGE over your adversary.

If you’ve ever done realtime before, you know that one of the constant problems encountered is the setting up between the reporter and the lawyer. NOT ANYMORE!  All an attorney has to do is show up – No laptop, No iPad, No wires, NO PROBLEMS! We can provide the PC or iPad.

No more hauling of laptops or iPads around, having to be set-up by your IT Department and hoping they will work.  Now they WILL work!  Just leave it up to us.  Should you choose to bring your own laptop or iPad, not a problem.  We’ll have you up and going in no time.

BEST OF ALL, there is ­NO CHARGE EVER for viewing a realtime output at a deposition.   Unlike most all court reporting firms, Beres & Associates charges only when an attorney decides that they want to use the search, highlighting, tagging and notation abilities of the realtime software.  If not – as is done in many cases – the lawyer may view the transcript for FREE, whether it be for 30 minutes, two hours or an entire day.

Should you choose Streaming via the Internet off-site to an expert or just another attorney or party, imagine the savings when that person doesn’t have to pay for air fare, hotel rooms, car rentals and meals to attend the proceedings.  They view it from anywhere. 

After the realtime proceedings have been completed, if you wish, you may take the transcript with you on a thumb-drive in either ASCII or PDF form (via a laptop), or you can have the transcript e-mailed to you thereafter.  You also have the ability to have a copy of the transcript printed in rough form at the end of the day (upon request ahead of time) or you can have a certified copy delivered to you the next morning.

Most importantly, the choice is yours to choose the price you want to pay, not what reporters want you to pay.  The attorney chooses what they want, when they want it.  Our pay plan is designed to fit whatever your needs are. You pick your own price. No more one fee fits all. It’s your choice.

Let us help you gain an ADVANTAGE for your clients!



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